Our Health and Social Science Courses are critically formulated to ensure that you will be equipped with valuable practical experience, special work-related skills training, and an increased potential for securing a job and success in self-employment practices. You will gain a critical comprehension of health and social care policy, theory and practice together with an understanding of how complex groups and societies function interact and change. You will learn from our highly qualified academics with expertise across the health and social science field.
CeTD’s interdisciplinary social sciences program draws on diverse academic disciplines such as public policy, psychology, criminology, communication studies, public health, economics, exercise science, human performance, linguistics, political science, psychology and sociology.
Why should I do study Health & Social Sciences?
If you wish to make a difference to the vulnerable people in society while gaining a well-recognized qualification, this course is for you. Our Health and Social Sciences Courses are specially designed for those who aspire to pursue a

career in the social, wellbeing, health, and voluntary sectors where working with people remains as a key feature.

The programme will develop your knowledge and skills through the core modules to advance your practice and enhance career choices. A range of optional modules can be chosen in the final years of the programme to tailor the course to suit your personal interests, improve strengths and fine-tune your career path.
Career Prospects
With successful completion, these courses offer improved career opportunities in the fields of Health and Science. Graduates have found careers in teaching, youth justice, mental health, medical rehabilitation, housing associations, social care, charity organizations and community development. However, there are endless jobs in you can explore with a Health and Social Science background.
Having undertaken our health sciences courses, you will;
 Apply the core values, concepts, and functions of public health to address major public health challenge.
 Explain the socio-economic, behavioral, biological, environmental, and other factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities
 Critique how the healthcare system and public policies impacts healthcare access, quality, and outcomes.
Having undertaken our social sciences courses, you will;
 Demonstrate an understanding of human relationships, social process and institutions.
 Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of, causes of and extent of social phenomena.
 Know the major theories and research findings in the field of sociology and how they apply to social behavior.

Department of Health Sciences

CoursesDuration(terms)GradeExamination Body
Diploma in Community Health & HIV/AIDS Management6C-ABMA (UK)Apply Now
Diploma in Patient Attendant6C-CDACCApply Now
Diploma in Perioperative Theatre Technology6C-CDACCApply Now
Diploma in Community Health & HIV/AIDS Management6C-CDACCApply Now
Certificate in community Health Level 3,4&53D-CDACCApply Now
Certificate in Perioperative Theatre Technology3D+CDACCApply Now
Certificate in Health Services Support8 monthsE and aboveCDACCApply Now
Certificate in Community Health Assistant3D-CDACCApply Now