Are you ready to help shape the rapidly evolving and growing agricultural industry? CeTD’s agri-business course
modules combine study in agricultural production and science with a variety of business disciplines, preparing you for entrepreneurial, management and leadership roles in the agricultural sector.
Agricultural business deals with the management, marketing, and financing of food and fiber, “from the field to the table.” At CeTD, you will study principles from agricultural sciences, economics, business, and statistics in preparation for a career in agribusiness, farming, natural resources, government, and related areas.
As the agricultural industry undergoes rapid transformation, agribusiness companies, including the major banks, are seeking employees skilled in business, management and finance, and who have technical agricultural training. There is also increasing demand for better-trained managers of large agricultural enterprises.
What career fields are related to Agribusiness?
 Agribusiness Manager
 Agribusiness Marketer
 Farmer
 Rancher
 Loan Officer
 Government Agency or Employee
 Production Supervisor
 Financial Analyst
 Commodity Merchandiser
Our Agri-business training is designed to prepare a student for employment in a variety of fields, including business finance, marketing, international agriculture, agricultural marketing, policy formation, farm and ranch management, resource economics, rural development, bank, and real estate appraisal.
You will;
 Learn how to apply business and economic principles to the production and marketing of food and other agricultural products and to the management of natural resources.
 Explore all aspects of the agricultural value chain. You’ll learn to work confidently with small-scale and large-scale producers, processors, transporters, financial institutions and retailers to deliver high-quality and affordable products.
 Become familiar with accounting tools like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Department of Agri-Business

CoursesDuration(terms)GradeExamination Body
Layer Production Level 36 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now
Layer Production Level 49 monthsLevel 3 & AboveCDACCApply Now
Broiler Production Operation Level 36 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now
Broiler Production Operation Level 49 monthsLevel 3 & AboveCDACCApply Now
Agri-preneurship Level 36 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now
Agri-preneurship Level 49 monthsLevel 3 & AboveCDACCApply Now
Certificate in Poultry Production9 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now
Animal & Livestock Management9 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now
Horticulture & Irrigation Farming9 monthsKCPE & AboveCDACCApply Now