Welcome to the Centre for Training and Development. I am extremely proud of our programs and am excited to share some of the features that make us unique. Our institution is dedicated to providing quality education to improve the lives of individuals in the ever changing and dynamic global scope. The institution offers wide range of study disciplines clustered under Diploma Courses, Certificate Courses and Short Courses. We also offer adept consultancy services in broad spectrum of organizational operations.
The faculties and staff in our programs are committed to the success of our students, and have built a curricular framework that focuses on critical thinking, professionalism and leadership. Our emphasis on intellectual curiosity, service to others, and global perspective allows us to provide a learning environment that respects each individual student. The institution has a deeply-held belief in servant leadership and prepares our students to advocate for the betterment of individuals and communities.
We are living in a fast changing world, a changing society, progressing at a galloping speed, impact of science, scientific research, technological development, globalization on our daily life is vibrant and unavoidable, So the need to be geared up for tomorrow is for greater than ever before. Opportunities before us are immense and the task is onerous.
At Centre for Training and Development, we continue to march steadily towards our aim to provide responsible citizens who will participate in nation building.
The success of the institution is facilitated by our excellent relationship with multiple internship sites, which include clinics, businesses, hospitals, government entities, NGOs, CBOs and private sectors. I am honored to be the Director of an institution that is grounded in excellence and service. Please explore our website to learn more about our
schools, services, and our many initiatives that are shaping the future of humanity across the globe.

Keffa Maranga