CeTD has been constantly advocating for cooperation activities that aim to reduce poverty, promote food security and economic development in the country through supporting the civil society and the governments’ developmental activities. From a personal front CeTD, focuses on the following key areas: agriculture, health, education,
environment, employment and economic integration.
Our main agenda is to train agri-business entrepreneurs to support the start-up and growth of their businesses. Our programmes are majorly centered on rural people through empowering them to incre se their food security, increase their income and improve their families’ nutrition. To this effect, we ideally works in areas where hunger and poverty are prominent.

We constantly work closely with different partners and associates in different sectors and capacities such as; farmer organizations, agricultural research institutes, seed companies, financial institutions, market/farmer produce boards, private sector organizations, universities & other educational institutions, agro-dealers, governments/ministries and NGOs.
Microfinance programme
We assist women and youth in Agriculture, Arts and small trade to obtain small micro-loans to be able to start-up small agri-businesses on their own or to expand their existing small businesses. We also provide financial training for these women and youth to be capable of managing their agri-businesses and also manage their finances well to ensure success in trade and hence be sustainable.