Our course modules in Information, Communication, and Technology are designed to help open the doors to a rewarding profession that emphasizes multiple skill sets, and allows the student to pursue various options in IT fields, Communication sectors, or in new combined careers.
You will;
 Comprehend and resolve common desktop and network issues.
 Analyze common business functions and identify, design, and develop appropriate information technology solutions (in web, desktop, network, and/or database applications)
 Design and develop software solutions for contemporary business environments by employing appropriate problem solving strategies.
 Learn future technologies through acquired foundational skills and knowledge and employ them in new business environments.

Department of Business & ICT

CoursesDuration(terms)GradeExamination Body
Diploma in Human Resource Management6C-KNECApply Now
Diploma in Sales & Marketing6C-KNECApply Now
Diploma in Information & Communication Technology6C-KNECApply Now
Certificate in Human Resource Management3D+KNECApply Now
Certificate in Sales & Marketing3D+KNECApply Now
Certificate in Information & Communication Technology3D+KNECApply Now