CeTD’s applied sciences course modules are extremely practice oriented. You’ll be repared for your future professional life, rather than just simply philosophizing with various theories. This job field require work experience that qualifies applicants for a position, and our course modules of applied sciences are designed to prepare you
professionally. Required internships, as well as practical semesters are integrated into the program, allowing you to gain valuable experience parallel to studying and gain points with your future employer or self-employment career.

Why should you study Applied Sciences?
Right now and the future, we will need new scientists who will work towards the development of advancement and technology. Scientists also need to communicate new information based on their inventions and solutions for the use of various fields, such as medical, health and even education.
You will:
 Learn how to report orally on scientific subjects, using clear and objective style and well-reasoned sequences of information.
 Learn how to analyze scientific results, using quantitative and qualitative techniques
 Demonstrate understanding of the ethical issues relevant to managers and practitioners in applied sciences and administrative fields.
 To gain an understanding of social, cultural, economic and environmental contexts essential for effective leadership and the management of change.