Our business management courses are among the most sought after in the market. They are widely regarded as great

educational starting points for both entrepreneurs and up-and-coming business leaders.
Completing a course in business management will teach you what makes an organization successful in an increasingly saturated global environment. It’ll also provide you with the skills and knowledge to work for businesses of any size, from start-ups to multinational companies.
Why Study Business Management at CeTD?
Gaining opportunities to meet peers and build a network
Businesses often require you to meet some great experts of the industry as well as people who have knowledge of the fundamentals of business management. We will train you on how to meet such people, grasp what they have to say from their experience and knowledge and enhance your business management knowledge.
Acquaintance with practical knowledge
Our experienced lecturers also double up as seasoned business men and women. Training under such a team will enable you get a taste of practical exposure with respect to different aspects of business management in various fields like operations, economics, etc. This ensures that students can adapt to any situation at hand and take the best
decisions under any circumstances.

Department of Business & ICT

CoursesDuration(terms)GradeExamination Body
Diploma in Human Resource Management6C-KNECApply Now
Diploma in Sales & Marketing6C-KNECApply Now
Diploma in Information & Communication Technology6C-KNECApply Now
Certificate in Human Resource Management3D+KNECApply Now
Certificate in Sales & Marketing3D+KNECApply Now
Certificate in Information & Communication Technology3D+KNECApply Now