Changing the world by building trust: Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our college. We keep our commitments, act consistently and fairly, and do what we say we will. Our students and constituents know what to expect when they deal with us. We are ethical and forthright. We change the world for the better when we act with integrity every day.
We live this value when:
 We adhere to set guidelines , standards and accreditations in the course of offering
world class training services
 We conduct ourselves, our classrooms, and our business honestly, ethically and
 We do what we say we will, keep our word and are trustworthy.
 We trust others and empower them to take actions and make decisions within the realm of their responsibility and job duties.
Changing the world by disseminating knowledge and skills is at core of what we do. We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and see learning as essential to creating competent individuals. We know that learning changes minds and lives. We change the world for the better by embracing and encouraging learning in our
students, our colleagues, and ourselves.
How we live the value of learning:
 We actively involve our students in their learning, inside and outside of the classroom, to help them succeed in their educational experiences

 We build the abilities of our students and colleagues to remember accurately, think critically, understand deeply, apply knowledge practically, analyze thoroughly, evaluate honestly, and create openly by developing their skills and confidence,
 We support life-long learning and encourage our students, colleagues, and community to learn, grow, and participate. We seek learning opportunities for them.

Community development
Promoting community development through building relationships. We build relationships as we live our mission. We recognize and appreciate that diverse people, ideas, thinking, and beliefs expand our perspectives and provide new insights for each of us. We work together as a team for a common purpose and share a mission and vision.
Through these efforts, we serve our students, stakeholders, community, and world.
We live this value when:
 We participate in efforts to meet the needs of, enrich, and improve our community.
 We recognize each other’s interests and try to reach common ground.
 We welcome students, guests, and staff and create a sense of belonging.
 We work together in achieving our common mission and take a big picture view of our college for the good of our students and stakeholders.
Changing the world by achieving more. We set and achieve ambitious goals, work constantly to improve, and are dedicated to helping our students realize success. CeTD is committed towards investing time in understanding the needs and requirements of those we serve and find ways to delight them.
We live this value when:
 We express our appreciation to others for good work, celebrate our student and staff successes, and maintain a positive attitude about the work we do.
 We continuously improve processes to eliminate errors, create value, provide better service, and enhance quality.
 We listen to the voice of those we serve and find ways to meet and exceed their needs.
 We actively seek feedback from those we serve and use it to improve our processes, programs, and procedures.


As one of the country’s leading multidisciplinary training institutes, we believe that the power of knowledge can change attitudes, people and society – for the world. Our goal
is to produce and share high-impact knowledge that contributes to solving national and global challenges affecting us all.
Interaction with the top researchers in an international environment Our philosophy is that all teachers are researchers and all researchers teach. Students and
researchers work together in our training centers. Our trainers are easily approachable for discussions and informal consultations. Hierarchy is flatter here. This interaction
between students and trainers is an essential part of academic life at the Centre for Training and Development.
Support for your career
Graduating from Centre for Training and Development gives you great opportunities for your future professional life, and building your own career path begins already during
your studies at our institution. CeTD training team and management will give you guidance and support from the start of your studies until one year after the completion
of your course, including career guidance and counselling, courses and events, and facilitation of mentoring groups.
Accreditation & Institutional Recognition
Carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts, CeTD’s courses have been recognized for their rigorous academic material, high-caliber instruction and
commitment to advancing the industries that they serve. We are constantly working towards observing set guidelines, standards and compliance measurers that have been
set by the national government and other global authorities.